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Family Stories

Many families lost more than one son or relative during the Great War. During 1918 we are remembering these sacrifices with a special page devoted to the memory.

Our first memorial is for the Butterworth Family of Littleborough who lost 3 sons in the Great War

See our new facebook page on Littleborough’s Fallen Soldiers


New Pages have just been included showing local Flints and the Littleborough Hoard


Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month Visitors are very welcome - see the Meetings page for full details

Littleborough’s History Centre

Located on Platform 2 at Littleborough Station, the centre is open on Saturdays between 11 o’clock and till around 3:30/4:00 pm. More information is available here

New History Trail

A new History Trail No 2 is now available covering  Stubley Mill, Stubley Hall, Dearnley, Starring Pottery, birch Hill and the Union Workhouse. After a modest hill climb it reaches Shore before returning to Littleborough via Calderbrook. It covers the village of Summit and includes lost industries and mills, pubs and chapels as well as providing brief histories on the churches and chapels which remain.  As with all booklets in this series it includes clear guidance of the walking route, details of places seen en-route as well as those now no longer there. Well illustrated with many old photographs as well as detailed maps.  Priced at £2:50.

All History Trails are available from Kelsall’s Bookshop on the square, from the Coach House on Lodge St and from the History Centre when open.

See this page for all of our History Trails

Picture Quiz

For answers on our picture quiz and a final mystery photo look at the last page - here