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Todmorden Road Industrial Estate

There have been numerous companies occupying the site and one of those was Portakabin. It is understood it originally had a place on Ebor St. Having been a common feature in the town, the factory closed around 1982, Storage area pictured above

Brickworks and Coal Mines

Also missing are the many Brick and Pottery Works and Coal Mines which provided employment for the workforce. Similarly, the many quarries which provided stone for shipment by the canal or local houses, transport structures and industrial building have long been closed.

Whilst much of the history has gone, numerous pictures and maps remain either online or within the Society’s archives. If interested then please contact us for details.

The following pages include details of mining including Cleggswood, Starring and those around Syke. Also included are details of the many smaller Brick, Tile and Pipe works as well as larger ones at Whittaker and Starring (both excavated) and Summit. and Tetlow’s/Rock Nook