Littleborough’s History

Booklets on Littleborough Industrial History and Families

We now publish a series of five booklets which cover:

No1 Whittles Bakery - the Family of Henry Whittles

No 2 Durn and Lydgate Woollen Mills and the Law family including the nationally important Honresfeld Library built up by William Law

No 3 Textiles Mills and a Foundry at Durn developed by the Consterdine and Schofield Families

No 4 Rubber, Rayon, Tanning & Chemicals - Wood-Milne (Rubber), Atlas Artificial Silk Processes and Lancashire Tanning Co all share the same building over the years, Breda Visada at Python Mill and Armour Hess and Ashe Labs

No 5 Early History of Littleborough’s Town Centre and the Coach House Also includes the development of the The Falcon; the conversion of the the station building as the History Centre and Hare Hill House’

The booklets are available at Kelsall’s Bookshop , the Coach House as well as from the History Centre