Littleborough’s History

Booklets on Littleborough Industrial History and Families

We now publish a series of four booklets which cover:

No1 Whittles Bakery - the Family of Henry Whittles

No 2 Durn and Lydgate Woollen Mills and the Law family including the nationally important Honresfeld Library built up by William Law

No 3 Textiles Mills and a Foundry at Durn developed by the Consterdine and Schofield Families

No 4 Rubber, Rayon, Tanning & Chemicals - Wood-Milne (Rubber), Atlas Artificial Silk Processes and Lancashire Tanning Co all share the same building over the years, Breda Visada at Python Mill and Armour Hess and Ashe Labs

The booklets are available at Kelsall’s Bookshop , the Coach House as well as from the History Centre