Littleborough’s History TOP TOP Littleborough Roman Hoard A collection of Roman coins were found in Ealees Valley by two local lads. Known as the Littleborough Hoard, they were obtained by the Society and are on display within the History Centre

The results of all of our archaeological investigations are available but those of recent practical archaeology has been summarised on pages within this  website, just follow the links  below via the words underlined in italics, for more detailed information.


Flints & Flint Tools

The society has a large collection of microliths (small flint tools) of National Importance collected by members. Only recently, a flint spear point was discovered whilst members were enjoying a walk.

The flints pictured are displayed within the History Centre and form a very small element of the Society’s collection, one of the finest of its type in the UK. So important that it has been studied on a number occasions by experts at Oxford University. If you wish more information on the collection or would like to view it then please contact us on