Littleborough’s History

Booklets on Industrial Families

James Henry Whittle and the Family Bakery

This booklet provides a detailed history of the family, starting with James Henry Rhodes Whittle. It describes how Henry Whittle (as he was known), a Fulling Miller and his wife Jane developed from being part time bakers living near Rakewood to building one of the most modern bakeries through their and the Bottomley family’s hard work, Yet the bakery located in Featherstall, Littleborough retained a ‘family’ atmosphere. Ultimately sold on on retirement of Berties Bottomley, it was absorbed into the Allied Bakery Empire which ultimately led to its work being sent to other bakeries in the group and Whittles eventual closure. A compact but well illustrated booklet

The Law family and the Honresfeld Library

Strange to relate but like James Henry Rhodes Whittle, William Law was a Fulling Miller who stayed with textiles to become a Master Fuller owning or managing 3 Fulling Mills. His children also worked in the textile and no doubt  with father’s help set up the family firm of A & W Law, a Woollen Textile Company with  a mill at Lydgate. The company built a second mill at Durn and the company went from strength to strength generating significant wealth fwhich enabled the family to support local church and charities as well as being involved in local and national politics. William Law spent a lot of time developing a magnificent library housing literary items of international importance. But it was a library lost for 80 years. So important is the collection of English Language Literature  that in 2022 it was saved for the Nation at a cost of £15 million

Both booklets are available at Kelsall’s Bookshop , the Coach House as well as from the History Centre