Littleborough’s History

Littleborough Co-operative Society

In 1856 moved to  33 and 35 Church Street - pictured right.

The premises consisted of a Butchers Department and a Grocery Department and 33, 35 Church St still kept as a shop even when the Main premises in Hare Hill Rd were opened.

In 1861 Membership was 440, sales were £9,650 and they were able to purchase 33 and 35 Church St for £1,300.

There was an abattoir behind the shop in what is now Industry Street.  Pictured below left when still operating and below right as a apartments

Also in 1861 Rock Nook branch opened. Later in 1869 new premises being built and with the opening  reported in the Co-operator  “On Saturday November 4th this Society opened a branch store at “Rook Nook” - pictured right.


In 1868 Caldermoor branch opened, a purpose built shop at the top of Hare Hill Street built by William Peacock of Caldermoor at a cost of £1,500.  Pictured right

The opening of this store was quite an occasion and was reported at the time in the newspaper of the Co-operative Movement “The Co-operator”.  In the article entitled “Great Doings at Littleborough” it was reported that the shop was opened with a tea party and ball when about 600 persons were present and the Littleborough choristers were engaged to provide entertainment.  

Specialised in animal feed but included Groceries etc

Littleborough Co-op Openings in 1876

Lighthouse Branch in Calderbrook (near right)

and Featherstall (far right)